Press Releases


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PR 16 November 2021. The 53rd edition of the CIMAM Annual Conference raises the debate on the "under pressure" situation affecting modern and contemporary art museums in the context of Xenophobia and Climate Emergency.

PR 23 September 2021. CIMAM addresses the issues of xenophobia and climate emergency at the celebration of its 53rd Annual Conference in a hybrid format.

PR 23 July 2021. Statement on recent developments at MACBA.

PR 19 July 2021. Turning the Gwangju Biennale into a Working Organisation: Statement on the Gwangju Biennale.

PR 17 July 2021. International Call for Grant Applications to attend the CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference.

PR 6 July 2021. CIMAM's Toolkit on Environmental Sustainability in Museum Practice.

PR 9 June 2021. New Updates on the City Gallery Wellington restructuring case - CIMAM's Museum Watch Committee.

PR 31 May 2021. CIMAM’s Museum Watch Committee commends the calm and effective actions of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Koroška in the face of political spin and interference.

PR 11 May 2021. CIMAM recognizes Outstanding Museum Practices in Times of Global Crisis.

PR 27 April 2021. CIMAM to hold its 53rd Annual Conference in Poland.

PR 25 February 2021. Why should museums remain open and operational?

PR 22 February 2021. A new approach to space and time to design an alternative curatorial residency experience.

PR 14 January 2021. Trends and Dangers in the Governance Of Cultural Institutions in the European Context.

PR 10 December 2020. An ecosystem in danger: the Mexican museums.

PR 3 December 2020. A Governance Question in South-Africa.

PR 16 November 2020. CIMAM offers three grants for the StayHome Curatorial Online Residency to young contemporary art museum directors and curators working in Norway, with the support of OCA – Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

PR 12 October 2020. CIMAM highlights the issues of the new museum's scenario through a series of webinars that aim to be a platform for exchange, support, and learning among peers regarding sustainable solutions for facing this global crisis.

PR 9 July 2020. CIMAM Advocates for Museums for Modern and Contemporary Art at a time of World Crisis.

PR 2 July 2020. La Paz: Prácticas Ejemplares en los Museos Internacionales en Peligro.

PR 29 June 2020. La Paz: International Museum Best Cases in Danger.

PR 28 April 2020. Precautions for Museums during COVID-19 Pandemic.

PR 24 April 2020. Outstanding Museum Practices in a Time of Global Crisis.

PR 31 January 2020. Aichi Triennale re-opened thanks to the artists’ and curators’ efforts.

PR 15 January 2020. CIMAM new Award and Working Groups 2020-22.

PR 11 January 2020. Critical financial situation at the Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR).

PR 27 November 2019. Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle.

PR 20 November 2019. CIMAM Appointment of New President Mami Kataoka.

PR 10 October 2019. Japanese ACA to withhold the funding granted to the Aichi Triennial 2019.

PR 12 September 2019. CIMAM 2019 Sydney & Elizabeth Ann Macgregor.

PR 27 August 2019. About the cancelation of the exhibition After ‘Freedom of Expression’ at the Aichi Triennial 2019.