"The Climate Emergency is directly related to human rights and spatial justice".

17 November 2021

Pelin Tan. Photo by Tobias Schiller

"When I think about the Climate Emergency, I always have to deal with the process and era of the Anthropocene. Therefore, we must focus on understanding how extractivism and racism are an important part of the Anthropocene and how landscapes and infrastructures are being instrumentalized through the Anthropocene extractivism process.

On how we are researching and producing our practices and the criticality that we are trying to create with different kinds of solidarity, infrastructure is vital at the local level in all parts of the world.

How can we produce, whether institutionally or not, engagement in the field with communities? How can we think together in new modalities of institutions, as artists, curators, or researchers? The Climate Emergency is directly related to human rights and spatial justice."

Pelin Tan, Senior Researcher, Center for Arts, Design and Social Research, Boston. Prof. Faculty of Fine Arts, Batman University, Turkey, spoke during the third day of the CIMAM conference, in the framework of the thematic on New Perspectives on Climate and Commonality.

The CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference was held on November 5-7, 2021, hosted as initially planned by the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and the NOMUS New Art Museum/ Branch of the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

During the three days of discussions, the conference focused on the two interconnected current crises of Xenophobia and Climate Change, and the sometimes hidden or unexplored connections between the two.

Keynote speakers and relevant case-study presentations showed how institutions, artists, and thinkers working together can provide practical laboratories concerning these emerging issues and offer methodological tools to combat discriminatory and nationalistic tendencies in an increasingly divisive and divided world.

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