The value of supporting CIMAM

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CIMAM offers its patrons a platform for international connection and a global communication channel that gives visibility to their projects and commitments to the world of art and culture.

We create long-term partnerships with our patrons based on trust, mutual knowledge, and congruence between CIMAM's values and those of our patrons.

Supporting CIMAM will be a valuable ally in the fulfillment of your individual and institutional mission, since you will belong to an international network of professionals who, like you, ensure the very best interpretation and experience of art and culture for society through museums and collections of modern and contemporary art.

Above all, you will be part of a remarkable group of international art enthusiasts who ensure the continued vitality of CIMAM in the years to come.

At CIMAM, we welcome our patrons with a very special project linked to supporting the world of art and culture, and which aims to communicate to our international community the nature of your interest in art, the values that define it, and the mission and vision that you pursue.

CIMAM’s office at Fabra i Coats is generously supported by The City Council of Barcelona.

Visit the Support leaflet.