Errorism. Agnieszka Kurant at Museum Stuki [ms1], CIMAM 2021 host institution

6 October 2021

14.  Agnieszka Kurant, „A.A.I. (Sztuczna Sztuczna Inteligencja)”, 2015.jpg
Agnieszka Kurant, "A.A.I. (Sztuczna Sztuczna Inteligencja)”, 2015

CIMAM 2021 Annual Conference will be held on November 5-7, 2021, hosted by the Muzeum Sztuki in Lodz and the NOMUS New Art Museum/ Branch of the National Museum in Gdansk, Poland.

Don't miss the opportunity to attend this year's conference focused on the two interconnected current crises of xenophobia and climate change, and take the opportunity to enjoy the Polish cultural scene.

Errorism. Agnieszka Kurant

11.06.2021 - 07.11.2021

Agnieszka Kurant, Postfordyt 2020. Photo by Krzysztof Smaga

Agnieszka Kurant’s art explores the invisible: the flows of virtual capital, immaterial labour, concealed forms of exploitation, and fictions impacting reality. The exhibition titled “Errorism” focuses on the simultaneously creative and destructive role of error in the face of present-day automation and algorithmisation. What will happen to creativity once artificial intelligence eliminates our mistakes and we stop erring? How will we acquire new knowledge or create culture? Kurant reflects on the ways in which societies evolve and asks questions about the relationship between individual and collective intelligence. Her work criticises contemporary capitalism, which exploits the labour of entire societies through a global factory, the product of which are digital footprints created through our behaviours and emotions.

Curated by Jakub Gawkowski.

[Located in ms1]


Agnieszka Kurant is a conceptual artist whose work investigates collective intelligence, non-human intelligences (from microbial to Artificial Intelligence) and the exploitations of social capital under surveillance capitalism. She studied art history at the University of Łódź, photography at the National Film School in Łódź, and Creative Curating at Goldsmiths College. Kurant is the recipient of the 2020 LACMA A+T Award, the 2019 Frontier Art Prize and the 2018 Pollock-Krasner Award. She is currently an Artist Fellow at the Berggruen Institute and was an artist in residence at MIT CAST in 2017 - 2019. Her recent exhibitions include the Istanbul Biennial, MoMA in New York, Kunsthalle Wien, De Young Museum, MOCA Toronto and the Milano Triennale. In April 2021 Kurant launched her permanent public commission for the MIT List Visual Arts Center and Kendall Square in Cambridge. In 2015, Kurant presented a commission for the Guggenheim Museum façade in New York. In 2010 she co-represented Poland at the Venice Biennale of Architecture (with Aleksandra Wasilkowska). Her work was also exhibited at Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Guggenheim Bilbao, Witte de With, Rotterdam; Moderna Museet; Cleveland Biennial; MUMOK, Vienna; The Kitchen, New York; Bonner Kunstverein; Grazer Kunstverein, Kunsthalle Meinz; MOMA in Warsaw; MOCA Detroit; CAC in Cincinnati; Mamco, Geneva; Frieze Projects, London, Performa Biennial and Momentum Biennial. In November 2021 her commission will be presented at Castello di Rivoli. Kurant's monograph book Collective Intelligence will be published by Sternberg Press and MIT Press in the fall of 2021.

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