Call to Action: Global Climate Strike Solidarity

23 March 2022


Objects speak up for the climate in Museums For Future solidarity action

Museums For Future invites museums across the world to take part in a solidarity action for the climate on 25 March 2022 - the Global Climate Strike. Take a stand on social media or in-house for our climate by letting your museum objects speak up for their and our future. What would objects say about the climate crisis if they could speak up for themselves?

Call to Action: Global Climate Strike Solidarity

One thing that is common to all objects in our care is that they will at some point all be threatened by climate change. Let's give them a voice to address this challenge, let them speak for their future and ours:

  1. Pick an object from your collection and pair it with one of these messages:
    ● “Demand Climate Action, because it is threatening you and me”
    ● “You want to make history like me? Then demand climate action now.”
    ● “Culture needs your protection - Please demand climate action now."
  2. For an in-house action: Display a print of the message next to the chosen object. For a digital action: Use our prepared frames to modify a photo of your chosen object and feature it on your website/online collection.
  3. Let your object speak to everyone on March 25th: Post a photo of your in-house or digital action on your Social Media Channels using #museumsforfuture #ifobjectscouldtalk #climateaction

(If you are not using Social Media but would like to be a part of the March 25th action, send us an e-mail at and we will share it in our channels with your permission and credit.)

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