Komitet Pomocy Muzeom Ukrainy, Poland

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Photo: Pixabay

The newly founded committee aims to support all Ukrainian museums and cultural institutions in the protection of collections, the most valuable souvenirs and monuments of Ukrainian culture. 50 cultural institutions are involved in the initiative, which was initiated by the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

The committee is ready to support Ukrainian museums in the following aspects:

  • support in documentation, digitization and inventory of collections;
  • providing materials needed to protect and hide the collections;
  • sharing experiences and good practices in the protection of collections;
  • collecting documentation proving the looting and destruction of Ukrainian cultural goods

The committee has already started collecting information about needs from various Ukrainian museums. A first set of materials for packing, protecting and conserving collections has been gathered. The materials will soon be delivered to chosen Ukrainian institutions from where they will be redistributed by local coordinators to facilities that have declared the need for support. To be able to continue the support, the committee has launched fundraiser run by the Paweł Włodkiewicz Institute.

Phone: +48 22 376 68 36 (supported in Ukrainian)
Phone : +48 22 376 68 43(supported in Polish and English)