Artists in War. Program to support Ukrainian art and culture

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Illustration by Sergiy Maidukov.

Artists in War. Program to support Ukrainian art and culture.

War is affecting the lives of everyone in Ukraine, artists are among those who suffer the most.

A lot of artists (painters, sculptors, musicians, and others) had to flee leaving their homes, workrooms, and materials. They have no ability to create art anymore. Some are staying at the frontline volunteering or caring for their lives and their loved ones. Even those who are more or less safe lost their jobs as all the art and culture projects are closed in Ukraine.

With the aim to help the artistic community in Ukraine to survive and potentially renew their work Ukrainian organization "Jam Factory Art Center" launched the program "Artists in War" to support artists in crises with basic necessities. Afterward, the organization is planning to create a project reflecting on the war with works of supported artists.

“In these times of deepest crisis for the country, art and culture are crucial to reflect on human conditions in a reality dominated by violence and pain. We need the hands and the voices of artists to express in a profound and lasting way what happens in our minds and souls today.” – Bozhena Pelenska, the director of the Jam Factory Art Center

Jam Factory is asking organizations and individuals to help them to support more people. One week after launching the program they received more than 350 applications with devastating stories asking for help.

📌 Any donation will be a huge help to the program. You can support the initiative via card by the link.

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