Outstanding Museum Practices in a Time of Global Crisis

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As part of CIMAM’s mission to promote knowledge and exchange, learning from one another during the current global crisis has become an urgent priority. The crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic is also the crisis of climate emergency, social inequality, and an imminent, if not already current, financial crisis.

CIMAM calls on modern and contemporary art museums to share examples of innovative solutions and inspiring practices that are being implemented as a result of this global crisis. In making this call CIMAM highlights the urgency and benefit of sharing best practices generating exchange and debate on the role of museums in our rapidly evolving present.

Please share with CIMAM’s international community successful practices in your own museum or in others, whether large or small and in diverse contexts, that are innovative and exemplary in their response to the current situation to ensure a continued and inclusive access to art and culture.

Submitted nominations will be shared on the CIMAM website.

The Board of CIMAM will review all and recognise the best practices received. The deadline to submit nominations is the end of September 2021.

Submit a nomination and take advantage of the benefits of belonging in an active and supportive community like CIMAM.